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All bare-root fruit trees have 5/8’’ trunk or bigger and are 4’-8’ in height depending on variety.

WHY Bare-root fruit trees?

The fastest and most efficient method for growing vibrant, productive fruit trees in your backyard is the bare-root planting method. Because BR fruit trees have uninterrupted root development (their roots have not been constricted in a container) they are free to penetrate and spread rapidly in their planting hole. The result is super fast root generation and tree growth. BR fruit trees can double, even triple in size in one growing season and will provide fruit in 1-3 years depending on variety.

What are Bare-root fruit trees?

BR nursery stock refers to trees that are field-grown for one to three years, then dug in late fall and handled so that no soil is left around the roots. The trees are then stored with moist roots and dormant tops until they are shipped and then planted.

What are the benefits of using the bare-root planting method?

BR fruit trees offer many advantages to the home grower.

  • Bare-root plants are usually one-half to two-thirds the cost of plants in containers
  • Longer root lengths are possible on bare-root plants because the weight of the root ball without soil is minimal
  • Planting a bare-root fruit tree is one of the easiest ways to add a permanent, food producing plant into your garden.# How do i plant BR trees?

Because BR fruit trees arrive without soil, they are very easy to handle and plant. Their planting holes only need to be big enough to contain the roots, which should be spread out laterally and downward. Graft unions (the distinctive "knots" or “kinks” just above the roots of grafted trees should always remain above grade. We highly recommend using a mycorrhizal inoculant (available at Fig) when planting as this will hasten root development and establishment. Soil amendments should not be applied until the roots take hold and the tree begins leafing out (2-3 months later).

When should I plant

BR fruit trees should to be planted before they start “waking up”. February and March are the best months in So-Cal. Your tree will start developing its new permanent roots in its permanent home when you plant and you want the energy to be focused on root development before they start leafing. Stone fruits such as apricots, peaches, plums and cherries are going to start waking up first so they are best put in the ground earlier. Fruit trees like pears and apples start waking up later so you can wait a bit longer to plant those varieties.

Start with good stock

All our BR fruit trees are supplied by The Dave Wilson Nursery in Hickman, California, who have been growing the highest quality fruit trees since 1938. We are extremely thankful to their growing expert, Tom Spellman for helping us curate our 2019 BR fruit tree collection based on the tastiest and most suitable varieties for the So-cal climate. All our trees have low chill hour requirement (hours where temperature is 45 degrees or less in order to establish dormancy).