Fruit Tree Classes
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Day 1- SUN JAN 20th, 2019 10am-1PM


Day 1 - SUN JAN 20th 10am-1PM

Day 1 in this two part class will start with an introduction to Backyard Orchard Culture and focus on the five principles of deciduous fruit-tree care.

1) Why pruning is vital to health and productivity
2) Knowing what to prune and why to prune it
3) The art of cuts and systematic target pruning
4) Winter vs. summer pruning 
5) Tool Essentials: Selection, techniques and care

Day 1 is a precursor for Day 2 (Sun Feb 3rd 2019) in which participants will get hands-on instruction and practical experience in pruning and training deciduous fruit trees. Participants must attend Day 1 in order to attend Day 2.


This class is not suitable for small Children.

*There will be 45 minute break for lunch. Please bring lunch.

Please wear closed toed shoes and appropriate clothing.

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Fruitstitute's Seasonal Fruit Tree Care - Citrus 101

Learn the secret to growing juicy fruit in your own backyard!

This is a unique opportunity to gain hands on experience in the art of backyard orcharding (growing fruit for non-commercial purposes). Workshops will be co-hosted by Fig Earth Supply, an all edibles organic nursery located in Highland Park and Heritage Square Museum, a living history museum that explores the settlement and development of Southern California from the Civil War to the early 20th Century. The event will take place in the Orchard at Heritage Square Museum,

The series is the only one of it's kind in Los Angeles beginning with the Citrus Tree Care 101 workshop! Over the course of one year, we will cover seasonal care of citrus, stone fruit and pommes, which are the varieties at the museum orchard. Those who attend all workshops will gain a comprehensive education in backyard orcharding.

The bi-monthly series contains seven workshops covering backyard orchard care: Citrus Tree Care 101, Tree Selection and Planting, Weekend Pruning Intensive, Fruit Tree Nutrition and Citrus Pruning, Summer Pruning (May and July), Fall Tree Care and Winterizing.

Citrus 101

Learning Objectives:

Citrus basics & the specifics of a citrus tree care (i.e. tree physiology)

Intro to Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

What and why is canopy sanitization

How and when to prune for canopy sanitization

Fruit thinning – when, why and how it’s done

Intro to pruning tools, tool care and pruning cuts

Hands-On Portion:

Citrus canopy sanitization

Clean trees of dead wood, debris

Reduce size of trees to create 3” – 6” of canopy clearance

Raise skirt of trees 4” – 6” from soil

Thin fruit


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Children are not advised to attend.

Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?


Other Requirements:

*There will be 45 minute break for lunch. Please bring lunch. Water and snacks provided.

**Wear closed toed shoes and sunglasses.