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Cannabis Cultivation (for the Home Grower) 10/23 &10/24

We're pleased to offer this unique workshop to Los Angeles: Cannabis Cultivation For the Home Grower. The next available class is MONDAY 10/23 AT 6:30 and TUESDAY 10/24 AT 6:30! This intensive series of two classes will cover all aspects of home cultivation, insider techniques, care, harvest and propagation--which means no more beginner mistakes, leveling up your growing style and maxing out your harvest. Please note: These are paid classes- see below for details and class registration.

Cannabis Cultivation (For The Home Grower) Workshop Monday 10/23 at 6:30 and Tuesday 10/24 at 6:30!

Back by popular demand, we are hosting a Cannabis Growing Workshop on Monday/Tuesday 23rd/24th October 2017. Cannabis plant medicine has a respected history of medicinal use dating back to many thousands of years and spanning across many cultures. We are happy to continue our mission of education and empowerment to the community.  Here you go, Los Angeles! 

Join us for this very special and super informative workshop with Industry Master Grower, Vincent Saile, as he reveals the vital steps to successful Cannabis propagation and exposes his unique insider tips, tricks and secrets for successful Cannabis growing in the So Cal garden. Now that this powerful plant medicine is recognized and legal, there's no better time to get schooled on the full A-Z of how to select, start, cultivate and care for the most healthy and productive plants - and how to maximize crop yields. Whether you are a seasoned grower or a budding beginner this class is a guaranteed to be a unique and valuable learning experience.

This intensive workshop will comprise a complete hands-on approach covering all aspects of successful home growing, harvesting and storing.

Class One: Outdoor cultivation 101 (Monday October 23rd 2017 at 6:30 pm)

  1. Planning and preparing your site. 
  2. Choosing your strains: Sativas v. Indicas. 
  3. Plant media and soil recipes.
  4. Choosing between seeds and clones.
  5. Choosing the right nutrients and life cycle applications
  6. Identifying and managing pests and disease.
  7. Plant Manipulation, monitoring and tending.
  8. Harvesting, curing and storage.
  9. How to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls.

Class Two: Hands on Propagation, Cloning and plant management. (Tuesday October 24th 2017)

  1. Seeding, cloning and preparing starts.
  2. Propagation environments.
  3. Rooting hormones, Nutrients.
  4. Cuttings and Mother Plant management.

Next available class - Monday/Tuesday October 23rd/24th 2017 - 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Classes limited to 15 participants.

This is a paid class: Charges are $95 per class or $175 for both classes. Class is limited to 15 Participants. Reserve now by emailing us at for payment and registration instructions.