Summer is approaching us head on and it's time to get those other veggies in the garden! We have a wide variety of sweet and spicy peppers, along with Purple Perennial Tree Collards and Perennial Mushroom plants. Purple shiso and stevia are back too! Come grab 'em while they're hot!!


Aji Amarillo

The key to Peruvian cooking, this Incan heirloom, is a fruity pepper with heat that doesn't leave your mouth burning. It matures to a bright yellowish orange and adds great color to any dish. Use in salsas, sauces, chiles, and more!

Korean Kimchi Pepper

Up your kimchi game with homegrown kimchi peppers!! Spicy and kinda sweet, use this pepper for kimchi and gochujang. Can be used outside of Korean cuisine as well, really.

Purple Ornamental Chili Peppers, 'firecracker piquin'

This pepper bush doesn't need stakes and gets to be about 3 feet tall. It can also tolerate dry shade. A real stunner with purple foliage and flowers and peppers, this ornamental plant is edible too (duh, we wouldn't sell it if it wasn't!). As the bursts of purple peppers mature, the color changes to orange and brilliant red. Spicy in flavor.


Sweet Red Pimiento Peppers, 'Red Cheese'

This is a super productive plant with little red gems of sweetness. It is easier to grow than bell peppers and have a super sweet flavor. Peppers get up to about 3 inches in size and are great for eating fresh or stuffing. The bright red color was once used for coloring cheese!


New Mexican heirloom pepper, Chimayo

A little bit spicy, a lot of red color, and more than a century of history, this pepper is a legendary Slow Food Ark of Taste endangered garden treasure. It is very flavorful and features 3-5" fruit. When it is powdered it is called "molido".


Japanese himo Togorashi

This is a traditional vegetable from the Nara prefecture in Japan. Grow history and culture with this plant and enjoy delicious pepper sea salt sautés all through the summer!

perennial greens: Purple tree collard and mushroom plant

purple tree collard.jpg

Purple tree collards produce ample leafy green produce all year round--they won't bolt and flower like annual collards. The purple foliage looks spectacular in the garden too.


Mushroom plant, Rungia klosii, is a unique veggie that tastes almost exactly like mushrooms, especially when sautéd! It is a low-growing plant with dark leaves rich in chlorophyll and calcium and is 3% protein--more than most plants. The leaves and stems can be eaten raw in salads too.

We're always stoked to offer an unusual selection of cool veggies and herbs- this week we have Komatsuna, a tender leafy green that is more heat tolerant than lettuce.  We love it tossed in green smoothies, lightly sauteed and in salads. We also have Ong Choi, also known as Water Spinach, a super nutritious leafy green that LOVES the heat- a perfect Kale substitute when high temps make Kale taste rough. We're also offering Umaina, a Japanese variety of Swiss Chard that we're excited to try out!
We have tons of good luck plants Ruda (rue)White Sage and Anise Hyssop to attract tons of butterflies to your garden.  Plus so much more. See you there!