It's tomato season, and we're thrilled to be able to offer you you an amazing and well curated selection of the best of our favorite open-pollinated and heirloom tomatoes! We are also well stocked with everything you need to grow them--the best compost, crab meal (for those pesky nematodes if ya got 'em), humic acid, neem seed meal, azomite, and a variety of fertilizers including vegan fertilizer for our vegan friends out there. Plus pulp pots for the best container gardening tomato season ever!


‘orange strawberry' oxheart tomato

This medium sized tomato is a gorgeous yellow fruit, both delicious and meaty. It has a rich, creamy, sweet, complicated flavor and is a vigorous plant. The oxheart-shaped tomatoes are 3-5 inches and are a favorite around here!

beefsteak tomato ‘ananas noire'

This beefsteak has amazing flavor and color to match! The 1 to 1.5 pound tomatoes have smoky, citrus, sweet, and tangy flavors and they range from multicolorings of green, red, purple, and yellow. This plant produces super heavy yields and is also known as "Black Pineapple".

bicolor cherry tomatoe ‘isis candy'

This cherry is so sweet and delicious it's no wonder it's a kid favorite! The colors come out red and yellow and it's so easy to grow. It is a prolific plant and you'll be having little fruity sugarbombs all summer long!

Edible Flowers Galore

Did you know that a lot of our favorite flowers are actually edible? And that they attract beneficial insects and wildlife? Let's not even mention all the color they pop in the garden!

We've got new stock of rose, lemon, peppermint, and sweet-scented geraniums, electric blue beard tounge, bachelor buttons, and zinnias, as well as lavenders and California poppies. Also, keep an eye out for the aromatic sweet candy secret, the Violette de Parma. Give those ladybugs and lacewings a reason to stay with some sweet salad toppers!