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We offer many free classes and workshops here at the nursery. It's such an honor to work together with many local growers, educators, and community members and we wouldn't be able to hold these great events without them. Here’s what’s coming up and a few of the classes we've had in the past.

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Growing Herbs for Food and Medicine

A 4-part series with Cici Cyr

Four Wednesdays starting October 24th 2018

Join Cici for this 4 part workshop series, where you'll discover the methods and process of creating plant medicines covering all the steps involved in growing and making plant medicine:

During each of the four weeks, we will focus on one or two locally available herbs and one herbal medicine preparation in depth. In addition to the weekly plants of focus, I'll bring many other herbs for exploration. After each class, you will take home a bottle of your own custom plant medicine. The classes can be taken independently but are best taken as a complete series:
Class 1 - Wednesday October 24th 2018 (Full Moon)
Preparing Tinctures with Mugwort and White Sage 

Class 2 - Wednesday October 31st 2018 (Halloween) 
How to make Infused Oils with Yarrow 
Class 3 - Wednesday November 7th 2018  
Mixing Oxymels (infused honey and vinegar) with Wild Rose 

Class 4 - Wednesday November 14th 2018  
Extracting Glycerites with Mallow and Aloe 

Workshop fees are $45 each or $150 for all 4 classes. Fees Include all  materials. Doors open at 5:45 for tea and conversation. Class runs 6-7pm. To register please email us at

Join us for this intensive workshop covering all aspects of successful growing, harvesting, and storing of this (now-legal) medicinal plant. Click here for more info.


Worm compost master, Kathleen Blakistone, showed how to create your own easy DIY worm bin, turning kitchen waste into garden gold!

In this unique workshop, you learn about a holistic and stress-reducing approach to soil prep, gardening practices, seed sowing, pests and seasonal food crop cultivation, as well as engagement and nourishment for our soul and our community.


We are happy to have shared our space to show Weedeater, a documentary about Nance Klehm, a self-described "steward of the earth". This was and still is a timely conversation in land politics.

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Jeffrey Hutchinson talks about balancing body and mind while working the earth. He gives ideas on how to address aches and pains in your yard work and treating it as your yoga practice.

Local wood artist Tom Ford of Ritual Woodcraft demonstrated dry wood spoon carving techniques using reclaimed wood.

We started with fresh branches of white sage (Salvia apiana), learned how to cut and bundle and tie, and ended with beautiful smudge sticks of our own. Special thanks to Raul and Thomas for protecting this over-foraged sacred plant from our local wilderness and donating their locally grown sage.

Everything from soil prep to pest management to nourishing your plants. This is one of Loretta's most popular and classic workshops.

Soil prep, ground vs. containers, pests and diseases, favorite heirloom varieties--Loretta has it all when it comes to tomatoes!


Neighborhood nutrition coach, Harvey Slater, demonstrates fun and colorful ways to incorporate the seasonal blooms of edible flowers into your daily cuisine. He demonstrated floral compound butter and sampled it with "Life Changing Bread"!


Michael Wittman, Los Angeles-based biochar guru demystifies this soil amendment and lays down the basics of how, what and why you should incorporate this into your gardening.

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