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We offer many free classes and workshops here at the nursery. It's such an honor to work together with many local growers, educators, and community members and we wouldn't be able to hold these great events without them. Here’s what’s coming up and a few of the classes we've had in the past.


Conor Fitzpatrick bestows upon you all you all the knowledge you need to get ready for a new planting season.


Cici Cyr of Abundant LA leads this series of monthly workshops in which we gather in a space of learning, wild beauty, and deep exploration of medicinal plants and their properties, both physical and spiritual. For each workshop, our space will be anchored with a mandala made from locally grown and wild foraged medicinal plants, which will be the center of our discussion, experience, and personal creations throughout the workshops. Everyone will leave with their own herbal medicine and feel empowered to explore the world of plant medicine at home.


With a new selection of indoor air-purification plants, we need to have knowledge to back it up. Join us as expert horticulturist Jessica Lawrence teaches us everything we need to know about indoor plant care. From transplanting, placement, maintenance, pruning and fertilizing, you will walk away from this class with more skill in how to care for your indoor plant friend.

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Maya Siklai teaches yoga for all types of gardeners, young and old! Classes scattered throughout the summer.

Soil prep, ground vs. containers, pests and diseases, favorite heirloom varieties--Loretta has it all when it comes to tomatoes!

Join us for this intensive workshop covering all aspects of successful growing, harvesting, and storing of this (now-legal) medicinal plant. Click here for more info.


Michael Wittman, Los Angeles-based biochar guru demystifies this soil amendment and lays down the basics of how, what and why you should incorporate this into your gardening.


Our backyard flower guru, AKA Mama botanica, AKA Joan Stevens, is back again to teach you about the various uses and benefits of edible flowers. Learn how to grow, cultivate, cook, and design with these gems of the garden.


Everything you need to know about fruit trees can be done through attending Fruitstitute’s workshops. We offer seasonal partnered classes offsite and onsite. Keep a look out!

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