Mother's Day Herbalism and Holistic Gardening + Cool Gifts for MOM

MOTHER'S DAY WEEKEND FREE WORKSHOPS AND EVENTS! Sat 5/13 at 10:00 AM Holistic Gardening Sat 5/13 at 11:00 AM Creating Herbal Baths and Bodycare! Sat 5/13 at 10:00 to 4:00 PM Mother's Day Card Making Table

Holistic Gardening Workshop Sat 5/13 at 10 AM

In this unique workshop, Loretta will teach about a holistic and stress-reducing approach to soil preparation, gardening practices, seed sowing, pest management and seasonal food crop cultivation. We'll learn about an overall approach to gardening that engages and nourishes our plant and soil communities, our soul, as well as our local communities while encouraging biodiversity and natural rhythms. 

Creating Herbal Baths and Bodycare! Workshop Sat 5/13 at 11:00 AM

Join herbalist Irena Cora of Abalone Herbals  as she discusses how to incorporate the healing qualities of plants into your daily life for self-care and body nurturing. The discussion will include how to make herbal baths, hair rinses and facial steams and which herbs are best for different skin and hair types. There will be a hands-on portion where participants will have an opportunity to sample various herbal concoctions from hydrosols to footbaths. Come be inspired to create your own herbal day spa with plants found in the garden!

Garden Gift's for MOM! This week through Mother's Day, we'll have gorgeous collectible hand thrown and glazed Leibermann pots filled with flowering dahlias, zinnias and marigolds to create a living floral arrangement. We'll also have an extensive selection of exquisite Japanese garden tools that we can gift wrap especially for Mom! Plus visit our Mother's Day Card Making Table and make a gorgeous card for Mom on your way out!

Mom's a Peach!

"MOM's a Peach!" Peach Tree Sale! In honor of Mom, we're having a 20% off Peach Tree Sale!  All our 5 and 15 gallon peach tree's will be marked down 20%.  Our varieties are low-chill, so they are perfect for our SoCal and NELA climate, and perfect for your mom's new peach orchard!

Gift Certificates for MOM! If your mom loves gardening, and you can't decide what to get her, a gift certificate is always appropriate. Let her choose from our selection of heirloom and open-pollinated veggies, fruits herbs and specialty plants.  Or let her choose her own Asian hand tools, Hori-Hori knife, pruning shears, organic fertilizers, biochar, compost, or next level soil amendments like Crab Meal, Azomite, and Humic Acid. Let her treat herself!