Wood Spoon Carving with Tom Ford

Free Wood Spoon Carving Class Saturday 5/6 at 11:00! Please join us for this very special class just in time for Mother's Day. We'll also have gorgeous spoons from Ritual Woodcraft available after the workshop. See you there! Fig Earth Supply 3577 N. Figueroa St., Highland Park, 90065

Free Artisanal Wood Spoon Carving Workshop Saturday 5/6 at 11:00 AM!

Please join us for this Saturday for a very special workshop! Local wood artist Tom Ford of Ritual Woodcraft will demonstrate dry wood spoon carving techniques, using reclaimed wood, and show us how easy it is to carve our own gorgeous and unique spoons, just in time for Mother's Day! During this demo, he'll guide us through the different stages of the wood carving process. He will also speak on how to choose a piece of wood, what wood grain to look for and how to carve best with the different types of grain. The best tools to use will also be discussed, and we will end the workshop with a proper oiling of the finished spoon to showcase the grain and color. You will leave with the wood carving "bug" and ready to go home and carve your own spoon!  Check out his you tube video here

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Ritual Woodcraft Spoons

These will be available Saturday!  If you're not up for carving your own spoons for Mother's Day, these beautiful spoons from Ritual Woodcraft will be available after the workshop!

Tromboncino Squash is back! This abundant, delicious and stunning vining squash is back in stock, and we adore this fantastic summer crop.  Lebanese White Bush Marrow Squash, a "gray" Middle eastern heirloom with delicate and rich flavor is also in stock, and has become a favorite of many gardeners.  Zapallo del Tronco, a Brazillian classic, bears a round, glossy green squash that is perfect for grilling, and has a surprisingly nutty flavor.  This warm weather will have these squashes plumping up in no time!

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