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Compost Tea Making Workshops this Weekend June 3-4

Compost Tea and Foliar Feeding (Free) Workshops this weekend! Learn how to make and apply "Compost Tea" to your plants leaves, warding off diseases and pests, and keeping your plants super healthy! See you Sat 6/3 & Sun 6/4 at 11:00 AM at Fig Earth Supply 3577 N. Figueroa St, Highland Park 90065!

Compost Tea Making Workshops Sat 6/3 and Sun 6/4 at 11am!

Join Loretta as she demos how to make compost tea, talks about the many benefits in the garden, and shows us how to correctly apply compost tea to our plants. Compost tea can radically boost the immunity and health of your garden plants- helping to ward off blights in tomatoes, and powdery mildew in squashes and cucumbers. Plus help you grow tastier fruits and veggies, and healthier plants overall. This workshop could be interactive and it is rumored that we will have compost tea available for sale every weekend going forward!

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Adding Organic Matter (OM)

like compost, to your garden soil creates the foundation of health for all your plants, helps create drought resistance, and boosts their immune system, too. Good compost is teeming with beneficial fungi and bacteria that act like probiotics for your soil. Compost and organic matter in general is the key to creating lush, healthy gardens!

We're always stoked to offer an unusual selection of cool veggies and herbs- this week we have Komatsuna, a tender leafy green that is more heat tolerant than lettuce.  We love it tossed in green smoothies, lightly sauteed and in salads. We also have Ong Choi, also known as Water Spinach, a super nutritious leafy green that LOVES the heat- a perfect Kale substitute when high temps make Kale taste rough. We're also offering Umaina, a Japanese variety of Swiss Chard that we're excited to try out!
We have tons of good luck plants Ruda (rue)White Sage and Anise Hyssop to attract tons of butterflies to your garden.  Plus so much more. See you there!