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Composting, Soils and Compost Tea (Free) Workshop this Weekend!

This Saturday 6/17 at 11:00 AM, please join us for a special Compost, Soils, and Compost Tea workshop with Dan McCollister, founder of Crop Swap, the App! We'll follow the Compost workshop with an actual Crop Swap at Noon, where you can bring some oranges or kale, and leave with some cherry tomatoes or lemongrass. Does it get any better than this? We think not. See you there!

(Free) Compost, Soils, and Compost Tea Workshop this Sat 6/17 at 11:00 AM!

This Saturday, Daniel McCollister AKA Garden Graffiti will teach us all about how the quality of our garden soil will grow us the healthiest and strongest plants.  He'll speak on soils, soil microbiology, compost, and compost tea.  He'll also discuss his favorite soil ammendments.  This workshop is sure to be fun and informative!


We'll be starting our famous "Crop Swaps" back up again this Saturday!  Please join us at Noon, and bring your surplus homegrown garden goodies- herbs, zucchinis, greens, cherry tomatoes, cut flowers, fruits, veggies, even eggs-whatever extra you have. All and everything is welcome at this Community Crop Swap, from a handful of herbs to a crate of homegrown oranges! Simply bring your garden extras, and take something new home to try. We love getting to know our neighbors, make new friends, and try new produce we've never tried before.  See you at NOON!



 is a Los Angeles based educator, gardener, and personality. He is currently launching his new phone app CROP SWAP, which is sure to revolutionize the way we interact with our food and our community. He says it allows us to “trade homegrown, perfectly ripe heirloom fruits and vegetables in our own neighborhood. We need to teach people HOW to grow food and show them why creating a localized food system is better on every level. Let’s take control of our food system!”