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Biochar & Soil Fertility and Organic Gardening

Biochar & Soil Fertility Workshop: Building a Living Soil -- Saturday 3/25 at 11am

Biochar is Biological Charcoal Soil Supplement which acts as a virtual sponge that retains water and nutrients at the root level. At this workshop, biochar guru Michael Wittman of Los Angeles based Blue Sky Biochar will demystify this next level soil amendment and discuss how biochar is made, what it does, and how it is used as a potent soil fertility builder to create a vitalized living soil that will grow the strongest, healthiest plants and most delicious fruits and vegetables. This is not-to-miss.  We will also have Biochar available for sale starting from this weekend on!

Organic Gardening 101 Workshop -- Saturday 3/25 at 1pm

Get ready and prep for the spring crop planting season with our classic Organic Gardening workshop with Loretta! We'll discuss soil preparation, what to plant and when, how to manage pests and diseases, and how to nourish your plants in this basic and informative workshop that's perfect for beginners and intermediate gardeners alike. As usual, bring pen and paper and plenty of questions!

What is Biochar?

Biochar is Biological Charcoal soil supplement which acts as a virtual sponge that retains water and nutrients at the soil level.  Many feel that Biochar could be the answer to restore depleted soils, depleted microbial colonies, and capture nutrients and moisture to nourish and replenish our precious soil and restore our ecology.

New in the nursery

So many open-pollinated and heirloom tomato varieties!  Black Krim, Paul Robeson, Purple Cherokee, Purple Bumblebee Black Zebra. Chocolate Stripes, Black Cherry,  Pineapple, Marvel Stripe, Yellow Pear, Sunrise Bumblebee, Jaune Flammee, German Orange Strawberry, Orange Jazz, Sungold (HYB) Warren's Yellow Cherry, Camp Joy, Aussie, Omar's Lebanese, Red Cherry, Momotaro (HYB), Aiko. (HYB), MIchael Pollan, Green Zebra, Frosted Green Doctor, Aunt Rubu's German Green, Black Beauty, Blue Berries, Cosmic Eclipse just off the top of our heads!  TIP: Get your tomatoes in the ground first thing in the spring for abundant crops in the summer. Then plant other vegetables.

And oh the peppers! Shishitos for days, Padron, Peman, Lemon Drop, Orange Bell, Red Cheese Pimiento, Chocolate Beauty, Tequila Sunrise, Chile de Arbol, Serranos, Anchos, and Jalapenos of course!

Landrace tomatillos, more cucumbers, eggplants, edible flowers, and many herbs (including edible fragrant-leaved geranium for jamming, baking and makingACV shrubs) of course. Spring is here and it has sprung!


Free Biochar & Building Soil Fertility Workshop this Saturday 3/25 at 11:00 AM plus Organic Gardening 101 Class Saturday 3/25 at 1:00 PM. We are super thrilled to stock Biochar and have Biochar guru Michael Wittman teach us all about how Biochar builds soil fertility and increases drought resistance. Bring your pen and paper- this workshop is not too miss!