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May 6th, 2018 Cannabis Cultivation (for the Home Grower) with MEL FRANK

We're pleased to offer once-in-a-lifetime workshop to Los Angeles: Cannabis Cultivation For the Home Grower. This unique opportunity is only available Sunday, May 6th and 5:00pm.


Cannabis Cultivation (For The Home Grower) Workshop with Mel Frank

Sunday, May 6th, 2018 at 5:00pm

Back by popular demand, we are hosting a Cannabis Growing Workshop on Sunday, May 6th, 2018. Cannabis plant medicine has a respected history of medicinal use dating back to many thousands of years and spanning across many cultures. We are happy to continue our mission of education and empowerment to the community.  Here you go, Los Angeles! 

This intensive workshop will comprise a complete hands-on approach covering all aspects of successful home growing, harvesting and storing.

Mel Frank is a pioneer and leading authority in the cannabis industry, with publications, editorials, books and years of experience to back it up. He began growing marijuana in 1968 in New York City and was the first to answer questions in the early editions of High Times magazine in the early seventies. His reputation has earned him the title of the “Godfather of marijuana growers” by some. He now resides in Los Angeles and continues to maintain a comprehensive collection of premier euphoriant and medical cultivars as clones, seeds, and feminized seeds. 

Three books later, decades of contribution to the industry, and a solo exhibition at M&B Photo Gallery debuting ‘When We Were Criminals’, Mel Frank is now bestowing his knowledge onto the willing and eager at Fig Earth Supply May 6th, 2018 at 5:00pm.

This intensive workshop will be a hands-on tutorial for you, the home grower, to learn about all the necessary steps for starting your own, successful home-grow in Southern California. Topics of the class include:

  • Choosing varieties (nematic, sativas, indicas, hybrids)
  • Where and how to grow: containers, holes, soil prep, watering and auto watering systems, pruning and training
  • Flowering techniques: males, females, inter-sexes. Controlling flowering/photoperiod, and year-round growing solutions. 
  • Clones and seeds: how they’re produced commercially, how to produce at home, and preferences for seeds vs clones.
  • Pests: what to look for, which are benign, which are problematic, how to prevent, and how to deal with them. 

Our ‘Cannabis Cultivation for the Home Grower' class is a unique opportunity to learn from one of the most qualified members of the marijuana industry. 

Next Available Class: May 6th, 2018

Classes limited to 25 participants.

This is a paid class of $195 per student. Class is limited to 25 Participants. Reserve now by emailing us at for payment and registration instructions.

You must be 21 or over to attend the class. No plants or seeds are sold at this event.