(Free) Edible Weeds and SoCal Natives Plus Toxic Plant ID Workshop

(Free) Edible Weeds and SoCal Natives plus Toxic Plant ID Workshop Saturday 6/24 at 11am!

We're super excited to welcome acupuncturist Wendy Yu and wild plant expert Anne Albrecht of the local NELA The Lotus Center of Integrative Medicine and Little Lotus Pediatrics (which focuses on acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutrition in it's practice) to teach us all about how to "rethink the weeds" and edible and medicinal CA Native plants in our local natural habitats, hiking areas and local mountains.

They'll discuss medicinal and edible CA Native plants in our local habitat, and their traditional uses by Indigenous Peoples of Southern California, health benefits, medicinal uses and some culinary ideas as well. Chia, gooseberry, nettles, currants and more will be discussed.  Did you know Manzanita and Lemonade Berry can be added to beverages to make nature's own sports drinks? Prime inspiration to grow these CA Native Plants in your own backyard.

Edible and Medicinal Naturalized and Invasive Species will also be discussed- such as mallow, horehound, eucalyptus, fennel and even milk thistle. Many of these can be found growing in our own backyard in springtime and you will leave inspired to cook up some nutritious meals foraged on your own hillside!

And lastly- just in time for all the summertime hikes in nature with or without kiddos- they'll present a very helpful slideshow ID of all the Toxic Plants we might encounter- poison oak, hemlock, nightshades, belladonna, oleander and more.

This super informative workshop is not to be missed!

is a local NELA based medical practice dedicated to innovative solutions for restoring health. Their integrative approach combines acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition and massage and many of their herbs used are classic Traditional Chinese Medicine formulas for optimal health and longevity. Although their dynamic group of skilled practitioners cover a range of specialties, they have become very nationally well known in the field for their work in fertility, women's health and rheumatology.

(Free) Edible Weeds and SoCal Natives Plus Toxic Plant ID Workshop Saturday 6/24 at 11:00 AM!

We're super excited to have The Lotus Center for Integrative Medicine back to present a super informative work shop on Edible "Weeds", both native and naturalized, edible and medicinal CA Natives, and bonus on Toxic Plants we might encounter on our summer hikes! Bring pen and paper and see you there!